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World-class engineering services to accelerate your application to market. Specializing in telecom power, hydrogen power, and energy storage systems, we deliver comprehensive solutions.

and Design Services

Domestic Power provides high-value engineering services to accelerate your application to market.  With decades of experience in telecom power, hydrogen power, and energy storage systems, we provide turnkey design services that complement your team and get your products to market efficiency, rapidly and with superior performance.

Application Design

Optimize your products from the start with our comprehensive application design services. We ensure that your solution meets market demands efficiently and effectively.

System Architecture Design

Develop robust and scalable system architectures tailored to your specific needs, ensuring high performance and reliability in your applications.

Detailed System Engineering

Benefit from our meticulous engineering process, delivering detailed system designs that enhance performance and simplify integration.

Prototyping and Production Support

Accelerate your product development with our prototyping and production support services, ensuring a smooth transition from concept to market-ready products.

Qualification Testing and Certifications

Ensure compliance and quality with our thorough qualification testing and certification services, helping your products meet industry standards and regulations.

Custom OEM
Design Services

Domestic Power has one of the largest global teams of power electronics engineers. With over 400 dedicated power electronics engineers and testing facilities to simulate the harshest operating conditions, we provide full customization and certification.


Telecom DC Power
Supplies and Systems

Leverage our expertise to design and develop high-performance DC power supplies and systems for telecom applications, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Power Supplies and Systems

Innovate with our customized hydrogen fuel cell power supplies and systems, tailored to meet the unique requirements of your projects.

Electrolyzer Power
Supplies and Systems

Optimize your electrolyzer power needs with our specialized design services, providing efficient and robust power supply solutions.

Custom Software

Enhance your products with our custom software development services, delivering bespoke solutions that integrate seamlessly with your hardware.

Branding and White-Labeling

Expand your market presence with our branding and white-labeling services, allowing you to offer fully customized products under your own brand.

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