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Ultra-Efficient and Highly Scalable Power Solutions

Vega® Series
DC Power Systems

Ultimate Power Innovation

– Up to 100,000W of 54V DC.
– Intelligent Battery Management.
– Modular Distribution Offerings.
– Options for Front or Rear Wiring.
– Options for DC Converters, Inverters, and Solar MPPT Converters.
– Smart Distribution Options for Remote Load Management.
– Advanced Energy Management.

60 AMP

Power System

Compact Power, Distribution, and Control in 1RU.

120 AMP

Power System

Expanded Power and Distribution in 2RU.

240 AMP

Smart Distribution

Intelligent distribution for remote load management.



Sophisticated Energy Manager for Telecom Network Applications



Ultra Dense Power Converter for Telecom Network Applications

Polaris® Product Families

Discover Reliability Unleashed

– Up to 200,000W of regulated DC power.
– Liquid cooled for superior reliability.
– Designed for the most extreme motive and stationary applications.
– Input voltages up to 600V.
– Output voltages up to 950V.
– Efficiencies up to 98%.
– Isolated and Non-Isolated Options.

FD Fuel Cell

Power Converter

Isolated and non-isolated converters up to 240 kW

PD Fuel Cell

Power Converter

Isolated and non-isolated converters up to 240 kW

Air Compressor

Controller Family

Fast speed response and precise speed control.

Balance of Plant

Power Converter

Flexible configuration for various power battery applications

Stack Metering


High-precision voltage measurement with high integration and small size

Fuel Cell

Power Converter

Enable higher efficiency of the whole fuel cell power generation system

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