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Domestic Power: Empowering a Clean, Sustainable Future for America

Discover how Domestic Power is leading the charge towards a sustainable future with innovative solutions that are driving America towards a fossil-free horizon.

Say hello to Domestic Power, USA!

As we launch our journey, we stand at the forefront of an energy revolution. Energy that is reliable and ‘always on’. Energy that is cost-effective for families, communities and businesses. Energy that is sustainable and free from greenhouse gas emissions. And most important, energy that enables our ever increasing reliance on technology to improve lives.

Domestic Power was founded by leaders in clean energy. Pioneers with long backgrounds in creating scaleable, reliable, and energy efficient solutions to complex energy challenges. Our team developed the systems that power today’s telecommunications networks, from fiber to central office to wireless communications. We’ve been at the forefront of the clean energy revolution, enabling a seismic shift in where we source energy – away from fossil fuels and towards cleaner, more renewable sources. We’ve been at the forefront of battery storage and innovations in electrochemistry that have enabled the EV revolution. And we’re not just a participant in this transition; we are trailblazers, entrepreneurs and innovators continually searching for solutions to society’s most challenging energy problems.

Today, we see tremendous challenges facing the evolution of our nation’s electrification strategy away from coal and gas and our aging – and technologically antiquated – electric utility grid. We’re not alone in seeing these challenges, and as climate change becomes an ever-more pressing concern, the need for a substantial and swift shift in how we produce, distribute and consume energy has become crucial. DomesticPower understands this urgency and is investing heavily in renewable energy technologies, next generation energy storage technologies and even enabling the evolution of hydrogen as a green, sustainable fuel. Our commitment goes beyond that investment, as we are actively helping to develop the partnerships, platforms, systems and standards that will enable energy independence for the USA well into the future.

We encourage you to join us in our journey.

If you are an OEM or Enterprise or Carrier or Utility Operator, we want to engage with you.

If you are a consumer looking to learn how you can help, we want to engage with you.

The spirit of America is our ability to come together and find common purpose. Our purpose is innovating the solutions that will enable energy efficiency, energy independence, and energy reliability. If you resonate with this purpose, we encourage you to engage!

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