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Ultra-Efficient and Highly Scalable Power Systems for Telecom, Networking and New Grid Applications


our products and solutions for a sustainable future.

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Enabling the
Clean Energy Transition

At Domestic Power, we have a vision for a better future, one where energy is abundant, resilient and free from fossil fuels. 
As leaders with decades of experience in complex power system design, we are developing the technologies and platforms that will enable the electrification of society.
Our systems are ultra-efficient, modular and scalable across the widest range of traditional power and emerging new-grid applications.

Superior Technology
Led by Innovation

At Domestic Power, we are reinventing power system design and turning convention on its head.  Fully digital rectifiers, dcdc converters and grid-connected inverters achieving power conversion efficiencies up to 98%.  Modular, fault tolerant systems starting at a single rack unit with options for smart circuit breakers, mixed voltages, and hybrid solar inputs.   Forced Air and Liquid Cooled options to optimize system performance and packaging in the most demanding applications. 

Providing Sustainable Power Solutions

for Our Planet’s Critical Infrastructure

We focus on Power for Hydrogen Systems 

and Power for Telecommunications


Platforms that enable electrolyzers for green hydrogen and fuel-cell power systems. High efficiency, liquid cooling, and extreme reliability.



Platforms that provide reliable, high-efficiency power for Broadband and Wireless networks. DC Systems for Small Site Applications.Smart Distribution Systems that monitor and enable remote control.

Powerful Platforms ​

Compact, scalable solutions for your unique application needs.

Vega® DC Power Systems

Complete 48Vdc Power Systems

Modular, high-efficiency systems up to 100KW

Polaris® Fuel Cell Converters

High Power, High Voltage DC Converters

Ultra-dense power with isolated or non-isolated outputs up to 200KW

A Full Suite

of Engineering, Custom Design
and Domestic Manufacturing Services

Power Design

Custom OEM designs to quickly capture market share


Engineering and design services to engage customers and position for product sales


Local manufacturing to simplify supply chains and meet domestic content requirements

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Customer Service

Same time-zone, same-language support to build confidence and
superior service

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